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Cerumen Filter


Your HEAROS can become soiled with cerumen (earwax), moisture and dust. This can affect the functionality thereof and can even lead to a fully-fledged defect in your HEAROS. In the BANG I and BOOM II, and all thermoflex models, this is prevented by a so-called cerumen filter.

All dirt is deposited on the cerumen filter, and does not penetrate into the heart of your HEAROS, the installed technology. The cerumen filters should be replaced occasionally, depending on the amount of soiling.
You can easily replace the cerumen filters yourself at home using the provided removal tool.

Technical information:

  • Colour: red or blue (right or left)
  • Diameter: 2.2 mm
  • Contents: 16 pieces in a practical dispenser ring
  • Including removal tool
  • Manufacturer: Audio Service (Germany)


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