oto-fresh droogcapsules

 6,90 ( 5,70 ex btw)

Drying capsules for drying your HEAROS (4 pcs)

The otofresh® DRY CAPS dry your HEAROS overnight and prevent damage due to moisture, sweat and condensation.

For the drying of your HEAROS we recommend the use of the oto-fresh® DRY CAPS in the oto-fresh® CUP.


Lay the drying capsule with the inscription upwards into the oto-fresh® CUP. Make sure that the cup does not contain any water or is wet. Put your HEAROS in the cup and close it. The cup stays overnight. Unpack, put in, dry – ready!

// Optimum drying increases the service life of your HEAROS. // Perfect moisture absorption through the use of silica gel.
// Integrated colour indicator reliably indicates whether the capsules can still absorb moisture. Change the drying capsule when the orange color fades.

// Colour capsules: orange

// Scope of supply: 4 pcs. dry capsules (individually packed) in fine carton.


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